C.I Corporate Identity

Habalan with Beauty and Culture

History of Habalan Med & Beauty

HABALAN MED & BEAUTY CO., LTD. had developed the small-sized portable RF device for Homecare, brand name POYA. HABALAN is the compound word of “Harmony + Balance “ which is the corporate vision. It means to keep the customer’s body in harmony and in good condition of health


Corporation Identity / Group Symbol Mark

HABALAN’s new symbol mark stands for a butterfly which symbolizes the beauty and wealth, and “H”, the first charater of “HABALAN”. The full-fledged wings express the confidence of women to make themselves more beautiful. Orange color implies “Innovation, Challenges, and Creation”.


Corporation Identity / Group Word Mark

HABALAN’s logo type is specially designed for the official mark of the company. It is not allowed to be modified.


Corporation Identity / Group Slogan Mark

“Different Insight” is the typical slogan which expresses the essential core of company identity of HABALAN. It is devised for the self-esteem and confidence of employees, and for the strong reliability for HABALAN’s products from customers.


Corporation Identity / Signature

Habalan Med & Beauty is the compound word of Harmony & Balance and looks ahead into the future with the innovative mind and continuous challenges. Habalan will show you the new Beauty for the beautiful future.